All of it

I follow a lot of vegan blogs. Lately I’ve been noticing some hostility towards, not only non-vegans, but vegans who are “doing it for the wrong reasons”. I have read posts by people saying that “being vegan has nothing to do with health, wellness, etc.”. Not only are people saying things like this, but they’re proposing that if you are vegan because of health reasons, you are somehow doing it wrong. There is some truth in the statement that keeping a vegan diet is healthier than a non-vegan one. That being said, there are plenty of ways to be unhealthy as a vegan (see Daiya cheese and soda).

The thing is though, is this sort of thing happens all of the time. Some people take things like being vegan and say that if you’re not doing it a certain way then you’re doing it wrong. This is also something I have noticed with topics like feminism and lgbtq. (Not everyone is doing this, mind you).

It’s like this idea of something being an exclusive club. Some individuals showing hatred towards non-vegans (even vegetarians) and straight people (even allies). Further even, vegans hating on vegans who aren’t “doing it right” or somehow adhering to some arbitrary standard and lgbtq persons accused of the same thing. 

First off, it sucks being unfairly judged. Everyone should know this by now. Yes, it may happen to you to a degree that is frustrating and even infuriating, but that doesn’t mean you should respond with more hate. 

I worry that I’m not articulating this as well as I can. My basic point though is that if someone is trying to help out, let them help out. Tell them how they can. Help people. 

Please, if you have comments on any of this, let me know. If you think I’m wrong, please let me know. My main reason for posting this is so that I could maybe open a dialog with some people about these things. Hopefully we can talk about stuff.

Edit: Excluding people from stuff when they really do want to participate and help out just rubs me the wrong way I guess. It’s like being picked last for a game of soccer or something. It kind of sucks.